AP24 Toothpaste Review - How It Works and How to Buy at Wholesale Price!

AP24 whitening toothpaste

When it comes to choosing a toothpaste, there are quite a few factors to consider. From safety, to effectiveness and even long term health advantage, you want to ensure that you pick one that is suited to your specific needs. Toothpastes, generally come at different strengths and components. While some may be better suited to help keep the teeth bright, others do more to kill bacteria and prevent mouth odor. It is therefore important to understand the exact type of toothpaste you want and opt for one that satisfies this requirement.

The Nu Skin AP24 whitening toothpaste is both a whitening and anti-bacteria toothpaste that combines bacteria killing function with mouth freshening and teeth whitening effects to create an all-natural formula. While they may be a lot of skepticism around holistic toothpastes, the only metric that actually determines the usefulness of a product is the result it provides, a factor upon which the Nu Skin AP24 whitening toothpaste has performed excellently. In this article, we will be exploring the functions, effectiveness, and components of the toothpaste and where to source them at the best price. This will help you make an informed decision and enable you make your next toothpaste purchase your best.

What is it?

The Nu Skin AP24 whitening toothpaste is a specially formulated toothpaste produced and marketed by the popular skin and body care company Nu Skin. Perhaps the most desirable quality about the Nu Skin AP24 whitening toothpaste is the total absence of peroxide compounds. Toothpaste manufacturers typically use peroxides (a type of bleach) to provide a whitening effect. However, this chemical is often capable of causing sensitivity during long term use and can prove to be harmful to your dentition overtime. As a result of this abrasive nature of peroxide compounds, most manufacturers are beginning to opt for peroxide-free formulas with more suitable replacements that can provide the same whitening effect.

The Nu Skin AP24 whitening toothpaste however, takes this up a notch. It features an exclusive ingredient; AP24 that gives it the rich, creamy flavor and its characteristic plaque prevention and antibacterial quality. This component’s most potent function is to create a slick coating around the teeth that prevents the buildup of stains. Stains that emanate from drinking tea, coffee and even smoking could be tough to get rid of. But the AP24 prevents this stain from ever forming in the first place. It also works as a plaque removal compound that lathers during use thereby binding with the plaque forming bacteria which is then washed away after brushing.

How does it work?

This toothpaste contains two very vital components. Hydrated Silica and Aluminum Hydroxide. They are commonly used abrasives that helps to polish and gently lift dirt off the surface of your teeth. The idea behind the Nu Skin AP24 whitening toothpaste is to provide a powerful and effective alternative that brings you the brightening results without any kind of danger to your dentition. From its lack of peroxides to the use of gentle abrasives and even the absence of tooth-decay causing natural sugars, it offers users a health conscious way to take proper care of their teeth.

While products that contain natural components seem to take longer to work, the AP24 whitening toothpaste is fast acting and effective. It offers long term results as users can begin to see visible changes in a few weeks. It is always advisable to engage in continuous use and the compound effect from consistent application is bound to deliver the freshening and whitening effect you want.

What makes it a good toothpaste?

With thousands of toothpastes in the market and bogus claims from different brands, it may be quite confusing to understand what makes a toothpaste a great choice. The AP24 however, does has some distinct qualities that makes it stand out.

  • No harmful chemicals and natural sugars
Toothpastes are created to help support and improve dental health (both appearance, freshness and quality). It therefore becomes counterintuitive when manufacturers utilize harsh chemicals that lead to dental problems and sensitivity over time. It is therefore important to choose a toothpaste that is relatively un-abrasive and contains no peroxides thereby offering you effectiveness and protection from sensitivity.
The AP24 toothpaste also comes with zero natural sugars. While dietitians often support natural sugars over artificial sugars, the opposite is the case if you want to improve your dental health. Natural sugars come with a risk of tooth decay. Artificial sugars on the other hand cannot cause decays thereby making it a great choice for sweetening toothpastes.
  • Vanilla mint flavor

The characteristic blend of vanilla and mint that the Nu Skin AP24 whitening toothpaste provide offers a rather unique taste and freshening effect that leaves your mouth fresh immediately after use.

  • Prevents cavities, eliminates plaque and removes stains

To put simply, the AP24 offers you all round protection for your teeth. It contains abrasives that prevents any kind of bacteria build up while eliminating the possibility of plaque formation and halitosis.

  • Fast-acting trademarked formula

Unlike most holistic toothpastes, the AP24 comes with a trademarked component that speeds up its whitening action. It is safe, potent and highly efficient.

How to get it?

ap24 toothpaste before after result - Beauty Hardy

You can get this all-natural and fast-acting AP24 toothpaste at an amazing discount directly from Nu Skin to guarantee authenticity instead on Amazon or eBay.  There are two different purchase options that allows you to get it at either retail or wholesale/distributor price.  Getting started is easy.

  • Discounted retail
With this retail purchase option, you get a 30-day money back guarantee for both opened and unopened products. This comes with a full refund when the product is returned to Nu Skin for whatever reason.  Ideal for first time Nu Skin customer.  
Try AP24 WhiteningToothpaste for up to 30 days at 20% off.
  • Wholesale/Distributor
AP24 Toothpaste WholesaleWith the wholesale/distributor pricing option, you get it up to 50% off the retail price.  Membership is free plus you could earn free products through Nu Skin rewards program.  Access Your Favorite Nu Skin Products At Wholesale Pricing!

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