Galvanic Body Spa: Galvanic treatments from the comfort of your home!

For a long time, spa treatments have been associated with people who are well-endowed. It is a common perception that regular people cannot afford such treatments. However, this is not true anymore!

The cosmetics industry has been experiencing a period of great innovation and new products hit the market every single day. This has a dual effect of making these products better and more accessible to everyone.

NuSkin endeavors to bring the best products to you at a great value for money. They are constantly innovating and making the best for you and have done it yet again, with the ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa!

Galvanic current treatments are all the rage, and they have been rigorously tested for their effectiveness. However, these treatments are often locked behind spa doors that open if you have a lot of money. Nu Skin wanted to make the technology more accessible to people, and we think that we achieved that goal with the AgeLoc Galvanic Body Spa. Read on to know more!

What is it?

For many years, people have used electricity to refresh the skin. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t recommending shocking yourself. Instead, we are promoting the use of microcurrents. Gentle currents can stimulate the skin and energize it.

While this treatment was initially reserved for spas, we have made the technology user-friendly and compact. This means that you can enjoy the treatment from the comfort of your home.

Galvanic Body Spa Benefits - Beauty Hardy

Galvanic Body Spa is an instrument that generates pulsating microcurrents that purify your skin. Additionally, it is self-adjusting and has a conductive surface that amplifies the application of the currents.

The result is smoother, contoured skin that is firmer and better protected against the effects of ageing.

How does it work?

Galvanic current may sound fancy, but this is because it is named after its discoverer, the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani. Since its discovery in 1791, it has slowly been integrated into beauty treatments to refresh the skin.

In a spa treatment, professionals will use gentle galvanic currents that the body conducts. A large machine with a roller is used to massage the skin gently and focus on energy and circulation. This clarifies the complexion of the skin.

The basis of this treatment is like magnetism. Like charges repel, unlike charges attract. Products that give this treatment have the same charges as key ingredients in the instrument. This “pushes” the ingredients into the skin, accelerating absorption. This is especially useful while treating cellulite and thicker skin layers.

The pulsating currents also stimulate the skin to improve blood flow and fluid movement. The combined effect is that waste is removed and nutrients are more effectively delivered to skin cells.

How is Galvanic Body Spa better?

Products that use galvanizing currents are usually pretty bulky, making it difficult to benefit from the technology anywhere except spas. Galvanic Body Spa is mobile enough for you to carry it around everywhere you go.

Another great reason to use it is that unlike most other galvanizing products, it is meant for areas with thicker skin layers or those that have a lot of cellulite. These include the thighs, buttocks and stomach. Galvanic Body Spa is designed to target these areas and make them firmer and more youthful.

The instrument also features a special conductive surface that maintains ten times more product between the skin and the instrument. This helps in faster delivery of the ingredients.

The great thing is that it is complemented with the ageLOC Body Shaping Gel which is specially designed to be used with it. The combined effect smoothens the appearance of uneven fat and cellulite and firms it up. The effects of the treatment have been proven to enhance antiaging ingredients for up to 24 hours.

Some of the unique features of the Galvanic Body Spa are:
  • Automatic adjustment to the skin
  • Enhanced ergonomics that follow the natural curves of your body
  • Specially designed conductive surface that enhances ingredient absorption
  • Patented self-adjusting currents
  • Portable
Studies have shown that the Galvanic Body Spa:
  • Is 10 times more effective in delivering ingredients to the skin
  • Improves the appearance of thighs in 96% of subjects within eight weeks
  • Improves the appearance of arms and abdomen in 85% of subjects in eight weeks

How is it used?

Although the usage of the instrument differs based on where you are applying the treatment to, generally, the following instructions can be used:

  • Apply treatment gel to the selected area
  • Moisten your palms and hold the instrument after switching it on
  • Touch the conductive surface to let the instrument adjust to your skin
  • Hold it in contact with the selected area until the instrument beeps, indicating that you should move it to a new area
  • The Galvanic Body Spa is equipped with an automated timer that beeps every 10 seconds to indicate that you should move it to a new area. It also beeps 30 seconds before the treatment ends to tell you that it is nearly complete.
  • It is safe and optimal to use the treatment once a day, three days a week on the areas you wish to treat. We recommend that you combine the treatment with ageLOC Body Shaping Gel for best results.

What are the benefits of using the Galvanic Body Spa?

The Galvanic Body Spa effectively minimizes the appearance of fat and cellulite, making your body slimmer. It smoothens the skin and makes it look more contoured, improving skin firmness and the overall condition.

Additionally, it energizes and purifies the skin while hydrating it. Cellulite is also reduced when you use the treatment in combination with the Body Shaping Gel which makes you look firmer.

Who can use it?

The Galvanic Body Spa is designed for use by anyone who is looking for a firmer, more toned body. People who like visiting day spas will love the experience and convenience that it offers. If you are someone who wants to fight signs of ageing and improve your youthfulness, Galvanic Body Spa is the perfect product for you!

What does a package contain?

When you buy the Galvanic Body Spa, you get with it the instrument, its stand, a carrying pouch and a manual. Batteries are included and when the charge is slow, the instrument will blink to indicate that you need to replace the batteries.

While the Galvanic Body Spa is a great product by itself, we recommend purchasing the Body Spa Package. This is a great deal as it contains the Galvanic Body Spa and complementary accessories such as the Body Shaping Gel, Dermatic Effects, Liquid Body Lufra, NaPCA Moisture Mist, and guides to start using the package.

  • NaPCA Moisture Mist is made of NaPCA which is a skin component that maintains moisture. It gives you fresh, dewy skin with just one spray, making you feel fresh and cool. It can be used at any point in time when you need to rehydrate yourself.
  • Liquid Body Lufra is an excellent exfoliator, sloughing off dead skin cells. This helps your younger skin absorb more moisture and keeps it healthy and soft. It revitalizes the skin, making it softer.

What are the complementary products of Galvanic Body Spa?

Nu Skin Galvanic Body Spa Benefits - Beauty Hardy

There are two main products that complement the instrument that help you get the most out of your treatment.

  • Ageloc Body ShapingGgel is formulated especially for use with the Galvanic Spa to provide antiaging benefits along with making your skin smoother. It refreshes and purifies the skin while reducing signs of ageing.
    It contains a proprietary blend that targets sources of ageing. Additionally, it contains Laminaria digitate extract from a brown alga that makes the skin more robust.
    Another key ingredient is Theobromine which is obtained from the cacao plant, which decreases the appearance of fat and makes it look more contoured and smoother.
  • Ageloc Dermatic Effect Body Contouring Lotion is a scientifically produced formulation that provides daily moisturization and contouring. The ingredients in the lotion inhibit fat production, stimulate fat breakdown and improve the appearance of skin. 
    The lotion contains a proprietary blend that targets ageing. It also contains Hibiscus extract that acts as an antioxidant. The honey extract helps smoothen skin while hyaluronic acid helps maintain an optimal level of moisture.

However, remember that these are not weight-loss products. They are meant to improve the appearance of skin and make it smoother.

What to remember when using the Galvanic Body Spa?

As mentioned earlier, the Galvanic Body Spa is designed for use on healthy skin. If you observe sores, open wounds, skin inflammation or have metal allergies, avoid using the instrument. Additionally, if you have metal implants or are epileptic, exercise caution while using the Galvanic Body Spa. Pregnant women should consult their doctors before commencing use.

The product should also be used for a stipulated time period and not longer. Extended use can cause soreness or redness that can persist. If you observe these effects, consult a physician immediately.

Do not use the product as a body massager, it should glide gently over the skin. Applying pressure is unnecessary, as the instrument self-adjusts to deliver microcurrents.

User Reviews

This is an age where anyone can post text on the internet and label it as information. Many companies use these to mislead their customers into buying products they might not actually need. That’s why we don’t want you to rely on our word. Hear from real people like you who have bought our product, tested it and written about their experience.

Sarah Bacchus from Frost Magazine reviewed our product after using it for four weeks. She reports that it changed her skin for the better. The things that stood out for her were that it was good value for money, costing the same as two professional salon visits but lasting much longer.

She liked that it was convenient to use at home and that she sees lesser lines around her eyes. She says, “What’s great about this is that I found it actually works much like a professional Galvanic machine.”

Ania Pawlak from Glossy Ania has been using the Body Spa Package. She not only liked the Galvanic Body Spa but also found the complementary products very useful. She observed that it has great hydrating properties and isn’t thick.  She believes that the products complement each other very well and should be used together. Ania also thinks that although the price might be steep to pay at once when compared to spa treatments, it is cheaper in the long run.

Several people on Amazon have left us great reviews too! Our five-star reviewers commonly say that it makes them feel younger and leaves them with softer skin. While beauty products are commonly used by women, some customers reported that their male companions also used and loved the product! They also reported that the longer they used the product, the younger they felt.

Galvanic body spa before after result - Beauty Hardy

Another thing that they love about us is our great customer service. We are prompt to respond to your queries and make sure that you have the best possible outcome. We are true to our guarantees and warranties and ensure that your comfort comes first.

Product Guarantee

NuSkin is bringing in a new era in anti-ageing technology. Most people believe in their products and therefore make it big on the 90-day refund policy. If you don’t observe the desired effects of the NuSkin products within 90 days, they will refund your money.

However, we cannot guarantee that other products used in combination with our instruments will have the same effect. Hence, the guarantee is limited to the use of the Body Spa Package, where the Galvanic Body Spa must be used in combination with the rest of the complementary products.

In a nutshell:

Galvanic treatments that use microcurrents to revitalize your skin are becoming popular. Despite being effective, they are inaccessible to most people because of the high treatment costs. Combining innovation and value-for-money, we have created the Galvanic Body Spa which is an instrument that delivers microcurrents from a compact, handheld device.

It is ergonomically designed and easy to use, providing you with professional treatments from the comfort of your home. To maximize your benefits, we have formulated special complementary products that improve the efficiency of the microcurrents.

Purchase here: Nu Skin Galvanic Body Spa Package and get a whopping 25% off retail.   With this retail purchase option, you get a 90-day money back guarantee for both opened and unopened products. This comes with a full refund when the product is returned to Nu Skin.  

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