LumiSpa: Innovating Skin Cleansing Devices

Smooth, soft and supple. It’s the perfect alliteration to describe skin everyone desires. Regardless of whether you think beauty is bliss or that it is skin-deep, you must agree that healthy skin is beautiful. Our skin is constantly being bombarded by several harmful substances like pollutants.  

Cue the facial cleanser. Cleaning your face is extremely essential for your skincare routine. It helps remove all the grime and muck that you’ve been exposed to (read makeup, oil, sweat, dirt and dead skin). Facial cleansers refresh your skin and let it breathe, giving it that flawless glow.

However, there is quite some debate on whether they should be used or not. Cleansing devices have been known to aggravate skin, cause excess exfoliation and break the skin barrier. In other words, they might do more harm than good.

The truth is that like any other kind of technology, cleansing devices are also evolving. There are so many innovations that make these products so lucrative. 

However, this also means that there is severe competition and creators must constantly improve. One of the frontrunners in this business is ageLOC, and they have recently launched LumiSpa, a cutting-edge cleansing device.

What is LumiSpa?

LumiSpa is ageLOC’s automated, smart cleansing device that has been invented by Nu Skin. It cleans your skin using oscillations that vibrate at the optimal frequency to slough off all the grime on your face. 

At the end of a 2-minute treatment, you are sure to find your skin smoother, softer and refreshed. The best part is that you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home, whenever you like!

What’s so special about LumiSpa?

LumiSpa has been designed keeping user needs in mind, and these reflect in the features. In addition to the uniqueness that the device itself has in comparison to other cleansers, LumiSpa has special heads and comes with treatment cleansers that elevate the experience.

Device features

  • It is rechargeable and cordless. This makes it easy to carry around with you.
  • It is waterproof, so you can also use it in the shower to save time!
  • LumiSpa is automated. It runs for two minutes and stops every 30 seconds to remind you to move it to a different part of your face.
  • The sensors on LumiSpa are sensitive to movement if you drag it across your skin too harshly, it stops. This reminds you to be gentle and is especially useful if you have sensitive skin. 
Treatment heads:

LumiSpa comes with two treatment heads for maximum cleaning, Normal and Firm. These are made from non-abrasive silicone that does not harm sensitive skin. The heads also contain silver, making them antimicrobial and preventing bacterial buildup. 

This makes the LumiSpa heads more hygienic than cleansing brushes commonly used to remove makeup. The heads are quick drying and last as long as three months, giving you the best value for money. 

Treatment Cleansers:

While it is completely optional, LumiSpa has special cleansers that have been made keeping in mind the different types of skin. The cleansers are a blend from ageLOC that maximize the benefits of LumiSpa. One cleanser can last you up to a month if you use it twice daily, and longer if you take breaks.

What are the benefits of LumiSpa?

LumiSpa is much more than just a cleansing device, it is a facial treatment that revitalizes your skin. It provides you with unique benefits that can be seen from the very first time you use it. Over time, you see this improve not only your skin but also your mood. 

It is because of these reasons that LumiSpa was ranked highest in terms of the best alternative for skincare by reputed names all over the world. Euromonitor International gives out the most trustworthy reviews with regards to skincare devices. And it has named Nu Skin as the number 1 at-home beauty device system brand for both 2017 and 2018!

Not only that LumiSpa has been bestowed with awards and recognitions from reliable names like Beauty Global Awards 2018 and The Golden Bridge Awards. 

In fact, it continues to scale great heights in terms of its recognition and performance owing to its the immense satisfaction and irreplaceable value it provides its customers with. 

The key areas in which LumiSpa improves your skin appearance are:

  1. Softness
  2. Smoothness
  3. Radiance
  4. Clarity
  5. Purified skin
  6. Reduced appearance of pores
  7. Better skin density and volume

This means that using LumiSpa helps you in:

  • Removing dirt and promoting healthy skin protein formation
  • Energizing the skin, making it feel fresher, smoother and rejuvenated
  • Massaging the skin and helping you de-stress
  • Exfoliating and helping skin renew faster
  • Reduce the signs of aging when combined with the ageLOC treatments

How do you use LumiSpa?

LumiSpa is incredibly easy to use and integrate into your skincare routine. All you must do is place it on your face and slowly move it around. Each treatment lasts two minutes and is automated, so you need not worry about exfoliating your skin too long. 

You can combine LumiSpa with any cleansers you like, but for best results, use ageLOC’s specially designed treatment cleansers. LumiSpa is gentle enough to use twice everyday if you so wish, but a regular weekly routine is good enough to see results. You can follow up with a toner, serum or moisturizer.

After cleansing and toning, apply Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid to face and neck in an upward and outward motion. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.  Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid is a treatment serum, so you should apply it after toning and before moisturizing in the morning and evening. Doing so will help boost your skin’ s natural repair process and prepare skin to face your day

How does LumiSpa work?

The secret to exfoliation is to not overdo it. LumiSpa aims to be sensitive towards the skin and uses Micropulse Oscillation to vibrate at just the perfect frequency to remove dirt without damaging the skin. It deep-cleanses without hurting you.

Unlike most available devices, LumiSpa is gentle and has silicone treatment heads that are much more hygienic. The special technology acts as a stimulant to the skin, helping it renew faster. It saves time while delivering great skin health.

Who can use it?

LumiSpa is designed for anyone who wants luminous, healthy skin. It is directed towards anyone keen on improving their skin health, regardless of their age, sex, skin type or physical condition. 

Even pregnant women can use LumiSpa. They must bear in mind that there are several hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, and this affects the skin. To avoid complications, it is best to consult with a doctor when changing skincare routines. 

However, remember that LumiSpa is not an acne treatment. One of the treatment cleansers is meant for acne-prone skin and contains 0.5% salicylic acid, and can be used to control acne and get healthier skin. People with severe acne should consult dermatologists before using LumiSpa.


What are the types of cleansers available?

There are several kinds of treatment cleansers for LumiSpa that have been specially designed by ageLOC. These cater to different skin types and conditions:


This cleanser has milk thistle oil, seaweed extract and algal extracts that help keep the skin hydrated. Additionally, it also contains rhododendron extract for antioxidant protection.


The cleanser for oily skin has Japanese knotwood extract, myristyl alcohol and PCA that help keep the oil production in check. Pomegranate extract and carnosine help protect against free radicals.


For dry skin, the key ingredients are mild and fruit derived, including fructose, vitamin B and inositol which hydrate the skin. Willow extracts help soothe the skin and squalene provides moisture.


Salicylic acid in this cleanser clears pores and reduces breakouts. There is low foaming, which makes your skin less irritable. It also contains fireweed extract to calm your skin pores.


This cleanser contains a lot of cereal based extracts that are very easy on the skin, including rice and oats. It also contains daffodil and pine extracts along with extracts from ginger and Chinese magnolia berry.

How rigorously has LumiSpa been tested?

LumiSpa was inspired by science, and as such it has also been tested by dermatologists, so you can really trust the device to work wonders for you. The developers were inspired by gene expression and skin protein production, and LumiSpa has been extensively tested in this area.

Before launching LumiSpa, Nu Skin conducted 11 studies on the device and there are more studies yet to come. There are some studies that are particularly interesting and that we want to highlight.

In the first study, Nu Skin collaborated with Zymetrix, a research group from the University of Canada. The study found that giving lab cultures of skin cells a treatment like LumiSpa improves healthy skin proteins such as collagen and biglycan that make the skin supple. Cells that received the treatment had significantly higher amounts of these substances. 

The second study tested LumiSpa on volunteers who reported that they found their skin to be smoother, softer and cleaner. The highlight of this study was that the volunteers’ opinions were backed by dermatologists who objectively tested these.

The last study tested the effects of the different kinds of silicone heads on the skin and determined the best types of heads for each skin type. This has been incorporated in LumiSpa’s design which makes sure that you see very significant results within three months of regular use.

What do real reviewers say?

If you aren’t one to simply trust studies, there are plenty of reviews that vouch for LumiSpa. You can read these extensively on their source websites, but here are some excerpts:

Francine Brokaw from Family Choice Awards says, “The Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa is a new device designed to cleanse and improve the skin on your face. It is like a spa for your face and feels marvelous.” About the experience of using it, she says that the difference before and after is immediate and gentle. It is easy to use and automated, thereby protecting your skin.

From Her World, Letty Seah reports, “If you have issues with clogged pores and congested skin, definitely invest in a cleansing device like this one that helps to not only get rid of all of your makeup but also gently exfoliate your skin, especially if you have thick makeup on during the daytime.” She particularly highlights that it is a good cleanser, easy to use and gentle on the skin.’’

In a nutshell:

If you're looking to ensure that your skin remains healthy and supple, LumiSpa is perfect for you

It is innovative, thoughtful and sensitive to your skin. LumiSpa pairs with treatment cleansers that are designed for different skin types, giving you luminous skin that is soft, smooth and healthy.

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